Project & Field Services

SAECO provides clients with complete solutions for oil, gas, petrochemicals, energy and water sector necessities. We deliver innovative solutions and services to help our customers maximize the performance and extend the life of their equipment.

We are recognized as a reliable and capable service center, providing clients cost-effective, on-site maintenance services for a variety of industrial equipment. With Computerized Design and Drafting (CAD), and our own transportation, lifting and crane facilities, SAECO’s Field Services Group offers the entire spectrum of maintenance services, from diagnostics and troubleshooting, to repairs of rotating equipment.

Project Capabilities:

Our Projects Division is well equipped to carry out the following activities:

  • Site survey
  • Field engineering
  • Design & engineering
  • Construction work
  • Third party instruments calibration services
  • Loop check and pre-commissioning activities
  • Commissioning & start-up activities

The Projects Division works closely with our technology partners who supply us with technology & technical advisory services.

SAECO’s Technology Partners include:

  • GE – Energy: turbine control system, turbine excitation & AVR systems and DCS
  • GE – Bentley Nevada: vibration monitoring systems
  • GE – Fanuc: PLC systems
  • Basler Electric: AVR & protection relay systems
  • KPS (Korea Plant Service and Engineering): overhauls & rehabilitation-technical advisory support

Engineering, planning and quality support is available throughout all the stages of project implementation. Our Projects Division handles mechanical maintenance projects as well as instrumentation & control projects.

Mechanical Projects:

  • Turbine rehabilitation projects, both gas & steam
  • Turbine / generator major overhaul projects
  • Shutdown and annual inspection services for power (both gas & steam) & petrochemical plants

Instrumentation & Control Projects:

  • Generator AVR & protection system upgrade projects
  • Turbine control system upgrade projects
  • DCS upgrade projects
  • Fuel treatment control system upgrade projects
  • Field instrument upgrade projects

Our mobile Field Services Unit saves significant time and costs by reducing disassembly and re-assembly labor time, transportation logistics and equipment downtime. We have strategic partnerships with specialized organizations and service providers to support our customers with credible and competitive alternatives to OEMs.

Other Field Services include:

  • On-site maintenance services for valves, diesel engines, gearboxes, blowers, pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Plant and equipment re-locations
  • On-line high pressure leak sealing of valves
  • On-site machining services
  • Site calibration of instruments
  • Inspection of plant overhaul
  • Maintenance service of marine related equipment
  • Long-term plant maintenance arrangements

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