Flowmeter Proving Facility

This facility, used for the commercial calibration of flow meters, custody transfer and industrial applications, is unique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Flow prover and the automated software procured from Calibron Systems Inc, U.S.A, allows incorporating compensation for temperature, pressure, liquid compressibility and density.

The prover covers a range of 5 to 5150 GPM with a displaced volume repeatability of more than 0.01% over the entire range. The set-up is capable of accommodating flow meters up to 12D size. It also meets the most stringent accuracy requirements for custody transfer. Its primary features are the precision, smooth-bore cylinder and the measurement piston. The piston contains an integral bypass valve which minimizes disturbance of the flow stream.

The prover has equal upstream and downstream volumes, requires no adjustment for changes in line pressure, and contains no hydraulics or pneumatics. These features eliminate the possibility of operator error and ensure superior and consistent proving results with repeatability equal to or greater than 0.01%.

The facility meets API, ANSI and NEC requirements and is suitable for proving all types of flow meters, including PD, Turbine and Coriolis.