Bearings - Rebabbitting

SAECO possesses all the required expertise and facilities to refurbish various types of bearings including turbine and generator bearings. Our comprehensive range of services, coupled with unmatched responsiveness, has resulted in an ever-expanding list of valued customers.

SAECO’s facilities include:

  • Electronically controlled, state of the art furnace
  • Surface preparation facilities
  • Grit blasting / shot blasting
  • Degreasing tank with trichloro ethylene cleaning
  • Dehydrogenation tank
  • White metal static casting facility with controlled cooling for defect free babbit casting
  • Machining & surface finishing facility

We repair bearings for a wide range of applications involving steam and gas turbines and auxiliaries, including thrust pad bearings, journal bearings with thrust face tilting pad bearings, and more. SAECO has experience repairing bearings of all the major OEMs, for example General Electric, Hitachi, AEG, ABB, Westinghouse, MHI, Fiat, Siemens, Ansaldo, and others.

Our test facilities include:

  • Dye penetration test
  • Hoyt bond tester
  • Ultrasonic testing (done by third parties)

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