Saeco Newsitems

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Hyundai Contract

Signed Contract with Hyundai for field testing approximately 10000 Valves for Karan project


Completed 6 overhauls in SEC-WEST as our first entry into Saudi Aramco market. SAECO was awarded a contract for the rehabilitation of 9 units of Frame 5 gas turbines at ...

SABIC Contract

Signed a 5 year global contract with SABIC for the calibration of instruments for all SABIC affiliates.

Letter of Award

Letter of award received from Saudi Aramco for 2 major inspections and 2 combustion inspections of gas turbines.

SWCC Contract

Signed a contract with SWCC for retrofitting project for field instruments at the SWCC Shuqaiq plant.

JGC Arabia Ltd.Contract

Signed a contract with JGC Arabia Ltd. for the field testing of approximately 6,000 valves for the Manifa Project.