SAECO offers you a way to link your academic life with professional work experience. Many of our applicants are offered paid full-time graduate jobs and our exclusive opportunities expand a candidate’s knowledge and experience of the working world, providing genuine skills that give you a competitive edge and boost your career. SAECO has 3-Tier induction program for the trainees:

  • Tier 1: Graduate engineers: trained for higher executive levels.
  • Tier 2: Engineering diploma holders: for supervisory roles.
  • Tier 3: Vocational trainees: for skill-based jobs in various disciplines like welding, machining, electrical, instrument calibration and other field requirements.

SAECO has a set of planned interventions designed for each stage in a person’s career. Each of these is custom made with short and medium term programs specifically designed to provide career advancement opportunities and personal development growth.

Examples are:

  • Crane operator certification.
  • Fork lift operator certification.
  • Scaffold erector certification.
  • Industrial electrician certification.
  • QA/QC techniques including NDT.

The personal ambitions of individuals are important to us, so we provide every opportunity to interns and trainees to specialize in a broad spectrum of fields. Performances are assessed and determined by several factors and interns are given a chance to discuss these with their supervisors. Candidates interested in internship, traineeship or employment opportunities can submit their application through the vacancies page.